1 Ornithology: the study of birds
 2 Preening:  grooming or cleaning of feathers
 3 Molting:  shedding of feathers
 4 Uropygial Gland: (preening gland) produces an oil that is spread over the feathers with the beak as part of the preening process
 5 Sexual Dimorphism:  Males and females look different (such as cardinals)
 6 Sexual Monomorphism: Males and females look the same
 7 Syrinx: an organ in Parrots which is similar to a human voice box
 8 Crest:  long feathers on the head which can be used as a defense mechanism
 9 Clutch:  group of eggs layed by female parrot
10  Zygodactyl:  having the toes of each foot arranged in pairs, with two toes in front and two behind.